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Facial Spa in Reston, VA

Located in the heart of Northern Virginia, Reston is an exceptional city with its progressing and vibrant community well-known and recognized by most Americans. The area’s forward-thinking concepts and a lifestyle consisting of an ideal work-life balance for all make it the perfect place for families and young independent individuals to settle down. This region consists of various neighborhoods settled into the area after migrating from urban settlements and the countryside, forming the ultimate community for work, celebrations, and more.


As one of the top-ranked communities in the United States, Reston is a 1300 acre piece of land formed with the primary purpose to provide citizens with the ideal space to lead happier lives, operate businesses, engage in celebrations, and take the time out to invest in their health and well-being. One of the measures for Reston residents to ensure optimal wellness is by seeking essential treatments from a reliable and reputable facial spa in Reston, VA.


Ooh La La Esthetics is a leading skincare, facial, and esthetician salon in Reston, VA, aiming to make you glow inside out with their wide range of services. From acne facials, dermaplaning facials, face light therapy, and eyebrow waxing to brow tinting services, facial waxing, and contouring, we offer a variety of esthetic services. We understand and recognize the need to keep ourselves well-groomed and up-to-date at all times. Therefore, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the ideal self-care experience at our facial spa in Reston.


Reston residents looking to achieve optimal skin through a reliable skincare routine and esthetics services can always rely on us. We offer one-on-one consultations to go over your requirements, skin health and conditions, and your goals to customize the perfect service to complement your skin health. Apart from our wide range of anti-aging, rejuvenating, and refreshing facials, we offer eyebrow and facial waxing services to help you eliminate unwanted hair for smoother makeup application and the perfect glow for events.


You can also reach out to our professionals on days when you need your makeup done for special events and parties, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and more. From brow tinting to waxing, contouring, facials, and makeup, we do it all.


For more information about our skincare facial services, dermaplaning services, brow tinting services, special events makeup services, and acne facial services in Dulles, VA, call us today at 703-850-9911.

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