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Your Guide to This Summer’s Top Makeup Trends

Bold brows are totally in these days. Read to find out what else is in fashion to stay on top of your beauty game.

A woman in white getting her eye makeup done.

Staying on top of the ever-changing makeup trends is crucial to look trendy and chic. To make sure you are all set to rock, here’s a list of all the top and latest summer makeup trends.

Colorful Eyes

Colorful makeup hit the scene in 2019 due to the popularity of the show Euphoria. Since then, the popularity of colorful eyes has continued to grow. With most of our faces hidden behind our face masks, our eyes have become our canvas painted with the colors of self-expression.

Although eye makeup has become way cooler with the use of all sorts of bright colors, an eye shadow that must be popping up on your Insta feeds the most is purple. Purple eye makeup has become quite popular this summer due to its unbeatable sophisticated aesthetic and amazing smoky look.

Naked Nails

Who would have thought naked nails could look so cool? It makes your fingers look slimmer and longer and gives your hands a very fine and sophisticated look. It’s the perfect color to rock with all your outfits and surely something that’s here to stay.

Bold Brows

With bold brows trending everywhere, it’s time to grow your brows and give them a fuller look. Quarantine has allowed people to grow their brows in the past few months, which means we all can enjoy darker and thicker eyebrows now. All you need is good growth and the right shape to completely own your bold brows look.

 A woman with golden makeup and bold brows

Colorful Mascara

Colorful mascara has truly revolutionized eye makeup. It’s definitely something to die for. You can easily have amazing colorful lashes, all with just a few strokes of your colorful mascara. It’s the easiest way to glam your entire look and, hands down, the best thing to complement your colored liner.

Pastel Nail Designs

Another cool nail look this summer is having pastel nail designs. Floral pastel nail designs were an absolute favorite on the runway for spring 2021 as well. You can always visit a spa to get this done with your manicure, or you can also do it at home. It’s pretty easy to do floral nail designs at home.

Graphic Lines

You must have already seen graphic liners on your Instagram feed by now. If you haven’t, it’s definitely something to have a look at. Sharp eyeliners are really popular these days. From Bella Hadid’s 2020 VMA 90’s liner look to the recent popularity of graphic liners, everything seems to be in fashion today.

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