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What NOT to Do on Makeup Day: 4 Care Tips

For optimum results, you must take precautions on makeup day. Here are some of them for your perusal.

A Women Getting Her Eyes Made Up by a Pair of Hands with Red-Painted Nails

Professional makeup sessions vary by the nature of your event. For instance, bridal makeup can take anywhere from an hour to two. Things may go awry if proper care isn’t taken before and during the makeup session.

Here are a few skincare and etiquette tips to follow when getting your makeup done.

1.Express Your Honest Opinion

Experienced makeup artists appreciate an honest opinion. We’ve been doing this for so long that there isn’t anything we haven’t heard yet. So, don’t stay quiet if you don’t like the color of your lipstick or want us to lighten up the highlighter. We like a no-holds-barred client as it leaves us feeling we’ve done our best.

2.Don’t Get a Facial Wax on the Day

Getting rid of peach fuzz, eyebrows, and the upper lip should be done the day before (or preferably a few days prior) your makeup appointment, not the day of.

When you get a wax, the pores in your treated area are open. Thus, not only does foundation prove ineffective, but it might also clog your pores, leaving your skin redder and more prone to breakouts.

A Faceless Person Applying Lipstick on a Woman with A Post Makeup Face

3.Bring Inspiration if Any

Don’t expect your makeup artist to go by your description of a look you saw on Instagram. We haven’t seen it through our lens, and so, there’s a 100% chance the result won’t do justice to your memory.

While we do keep up with the latest trends, some of them might be open to interpretation. For example, The Gram is full of multicolor eye looks. There are so many of them we won’t know which one you’re talking about. The solution is simple: when you see a look you like, save it, and share it with us on the makeup day.

Ready for Your Special Event Makeup in Herndon?

Now that you know what makes for a killer look, get in touch with us the next time you need professional makeup services. Head over to our facial spa and esthetics clinic in Herndon on the day, and leave looking your best. If facial waxing Herndon is on the cards, don’t forget to book a slot for an eyebrow and/or lip wax the day before.

Make an appointment today for makeup and facial services Herndon.

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