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The Face-Off:4 Types of Beauty Facials

Having trouble deciding the facial service for your skin problem? Here are the four beauty facials that never fail.

Facial treatments are a mix of several techniques, each targeted at achieving specific results. Thus, for every target, you’ll find numerous facial services.

Try the following facial treatments brought to you by yours truly.

1. LED Light Therapy

In LED light therapy, the light’s wavelength is adjusted according to the skin problem. If you’re wearing a light mask while reading this, you probably know how the different colors react to your skin.

Blue light helps fight breakouts due to its anti-inflammatory properties, whereas the red one reduces wrinkles by increasing collagen growth.

Pro: Suitable for all skin types.

2. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are minimally invasive facials applied to achieve an exfoliating effect on damaged or aging skin. This skin resurfacing procedure slowly peels off the skin until the healthier layer underneath completely takes over the damaged layer.

A facial service like this can last a couple of days, in which case it would be considered a light peel. Or it could be a deep peel, depending on the extent of the damage, and last several months.

Pro: Instant results for mild acne and fine lines.

3. Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning is a minimally invasive treatment to smooth out noticeable acne scars and fine lines. During the procedure, an exfoliating instrument, mostly a surgical blade, is used to remove dead skin.

However, in addition to skin resurfacing, the microblading method is also applied to remove fine facial hair.

Pro: Treats dry skin.

4. Back Facial & Mask

A back facial has all the exfoliating properties of a face facial. However, it involves a few extra steps that make it last longer than its conventional colleague.

Dirt tends to coalesce and settle in our pores. If you can feel it with your bare hands, it’s probably much worse underneath.

Thus, back facial starts with a pore-opening session, followed by regular exfoliation, and ends with a moisturizing mask session. By the time we’re done, your back would feel much softer, cleaner, and smoother than before.

Pro: Exfoliation includes back acne removal.

Now’s the Time to Get a Skincare Facial in Herndon, VA

Our facial services are quite the thing to behold. In addition to facial light therapy, chemical peels, Dermaplaning facials, and back facials, we go the extra mile by providing customized facials, special event makeup, and facial waxing services to women seeking beauty and tailored treatments.

Book an acne facial VA with Ooh La La Esthetics in Herndon, VA.

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