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The Best Eyebrows for 4 Face-Shapes

Let your eyebrows do the talking! Learn which kind of eyebrows best suit your face shape and book a brow tinting appointment with our licensed esthetician in VA.

A woman with defined eyebrows

While the eyes may be windows to the soul, it’s the brows that people look at first!

A defined brow can frame your face even on a no-makeup day. Most makeup artists believe that a well-shaped brow can age you or make you look younger.

Moreover, eyebrows can also lift your face and give off less of a tired look. A downward turned brow, on the other hand, can sag your face.

Getting the right brow shape is crucial. Our Licensed Master Esthetician at Ooh La La Esthetics in Herndon, VA, can help. We offer a bunch of services, including eyebrow waxing, underarm waxing, dermaplaning, eyebrow tinting, facial services Herndon, and special event makeup.

Here’s a guide as to which eyebrow shape will suit your face shape:

Oval Face

A woman with an oval face

Identifying an oval face isn’t that hard. They’re well-balanced and symmetrical. People with oval face shapes have an elongated side structure with a narrow forehead curve.

If you have an oval face, a shallow arch is your best bet as it will balance your face out by providing some softness.

Round Face

Characteristic features of a round face include a soft jawline and equal proportions across the diameters of the face.

Since a round face lacks sharp edges and definition on its own, the most flattering brows include sharp-edges arches that go higher up.

These brows help lift up the face and prevent it from drooping. A higher arch can also create an illusion of an elongated, oval face.

Square Face

A woman with a square face

Square faces often receive the most praise for their jawlines. While they’re equally proportional from all sides like a round face, the sharp edges at the jaws and temples give a squarish look.

Square faces are actually the most versatile! You can sport a high-arched brow or even go with a rounded look.

Heart-shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are similar to round faces but have a more tapered chin and a pronounced jawline.

A softer arch always looks best on a heart-shaped face by letting its own definition come through. However, whether you choose a high arch or lower arch really depends on whether you want to elongate or shorten your face!

Let our qualified and experienced esthetician give you the perfect eyebrow shape!

An esthetician tinting eyebrows

About Us

Ooh La La Esthetics is owned by Master Esthetician, Nina. We believe that good skin isn’t a luxury; everyone deserves it!

Our experience and passion at our beauty clinic and spa drives us to use premium quality products and equipment for our clients.

You can get an online or virtual consultation by our esthetician, who will also go the extra mile to personalize a facial for your skin’s needs. Our brow tinting and brow waxing services are a huge hit in Herndon, Reston, Dulles, and Chantilly, Virginia.

Book a consultation now or call us at 703-850-9911 for more details.

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