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Important Facts About Eyebrow Tinting You Should Know

Are you thinking about getting your eyebrows tinted? Here are some important facts you should know of.

Are you tired of your regular eyebrows and want to change them to spice up your look? Perhaps your eyebrows look thinner than what you’d prefer? If yes, then eyebrow tinting might be your ideal solution. However, before you run to a spa to book an appointment, here are some fast facts that you should know.

It’s Safe

There are no adverse reactions to the treatment. Most spas are extra careful to ensure that no formula comes in contact with the eye area. Experienced estheticians will typically apply a layer of Vaseline to protect the area and ensure that the solution doesn’t enter your eye.

It Lasts Long

Although the entire process of eyebrow tinting takes only 15 minutes, the change lasts for a long time—six to eight weeks. However, some people might find that their treatment fades more rapidly, depending on the products used. Therefore, it's a good idea to get eyebrow tinting done by a professional as it will last longer.

It’s a Good Idea to Get a Patch Test

If you’re allergic to dyes, then tinting is not a safe option. If you’re getting it for the first time, most estheticians will recommend a 24-hour patch test. Estheticians will apply a small amount of tint on the skin behind your ear or on your elbow to see if there are any possible reactions. If you notice a reddish look or that your skin looks irritated, eyebrow tinting is not the best way forward.

Your Eyebrows Look Better

A woman with tinted eyebrows

Tinting will provide more defined eyebrows that will elongate your arches and give you a more beautiful and defined look. If you already have fine eyebrows, a brow tint can make things better. Dark brows also benefit from tinting. However, fewer color adjustments are usually required in this case.

It's a good idea to go for eyebrow tinting every eight weeks to maintain your look. After the appointment, try not to wash the brows after the tint and use a cream-based remover to clean your makeup.

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