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How to Prepare for a Facial

Booked an appointment for a facial in VA? Here’s how you should prepare to get the maximum benefit.

A woman getting a facial

If you’ve never had a facial before (or even if you have), you might not know how to prepare for it to get the maximum benefit. A facial is like a massage for your face muscles as it increases the blood circulation to your face. The right facial can make your skin glow and give it a healthier, youthful experience.

However, just like any other procedure, you have to prepare for it properly to ensure good results. So if you’re planning to get a facial, here are some tips that will come in handy.

Don’t Exfoliate

Most facial treatments include exfoliating treatments such as an acid peel, ultrasonic exfoliation, or an enzyme. So if you’re exfoliating beforehand, there’s a good chance you’ll over-sensitize your skin. It’s also a good idea to avoid acids, scrubs, and retinol products beforehand, as they can dry out your skin.

Avoid Waxing

If you want to get rid of your facial hair, it’s best to schedule a waxing appointment at least a week before. Waxing or even threading your skin can cause itchiness that can exacerbate during a facial treatment.

Time Wisely

You should know that breakouts do occur after a facial. Sometimes, there’s residual matter underneath our skin that gets worse before it gets better. So if you have an event coming up on the weekend, it’s best to get a facial earlier in the week.

Bring Your Skin Care Products

Depending on the spa, some estheticians find it helpful to see what you've been using for skincare. It’s also a good idea to get their professional input to determine if you’re using the correct product for your skin. You can call the esthetician to go over your products and see if they encourage them.

Avoid the Sun

It’s best to avoid the sun as it would tan or burn your skin. Not only would it compromise your results, but it would also interfere with the process. The esthetician will perform a gentle facial massage to get rid of the sunburn instead of doing a massage that targets deeper concerns with your skin.

If you’re in VA and want to get a facial, you can connect with us. We offer acne facial VA, custom facial, skincare facial VA, brow tinting services, and more. Contact us to book an appointment.

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