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Benefits of Waxing Your Underarms

Waxing gets to the root of it! Learn about the benefits of getting your underarms waxed and book a licensed esthetician in VA.

Waxed and glittery underarms

The summer months call for quick and convenient hair-removal methods that provide long-lasting effects.

For centuries, women have trusted waxing for their hair-removal needs. Whether it’s homemade wax, soft wax, hard wax, or the trending fruit wax, you’ve got several options to choose from.

However, always opt for a licensed esthetician for your waxing needs. If you’re residing in Herndon, VA, we can help you with all your beauty needs. We provide eyebrow waxing, underarm waxing, dermaplaning, eyebrow tinting, facial services, and special event makeup.

Here’s why waxing your arms is the best choice you’ll make:

Long-lasting Results

Waxing gets to the root of it!

Unlike shaving, which cuts the underarm hair, waxing pulls it out of the follicle which can eventually slow down the hair growth cycle. Regrowth can take anywhere between 2-6 weeks.

On the other hand, with other removal methods such as shaving or epilating, hair is likely to return in just 2-3 days, which is often frustrating!

While there isn’t a lot of scientific research regarding waxing slowing down growth, most people swear by its benefits. Typically, change in the thickness of hair can be observed after 8 months of waxing.

Hence, waxing gives you smoother underarms for days.

Good for the Skin

Unlike other popular hair-removal methods, waxing is actually good for your skin.

Your underarms are already a sensitive region with thin skin. By waxing your underarms, you can avoid razor burns, which also create a risk of getting infected, causing further complications.

Waxing the skin also serves as a natural exfoliant since it takes away the layer of dead skin. This is particularly beneficial for the underarm region and promotes good hygiene.

For people who have skin conditions like eczema or dermatitis, shaving can be a struggle. However, waxing is a safe and convenient alternative.

 A strip with glittery wax

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