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7 Things You Might be Doing Wrong During At-Home Waxing Sessions

Showering or bathing before a wax session can irritate your skin. Find out other things you're doing wrong during your at-home wax session.

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Although waxing at home might seem like an easy job, it’s a tough nut to crack. There might be a lot of reasons for your waxing sessions not going as planned. Here are some things that you might be doing wrong.

Applying a Thick Layer of Wax

This is true for liquid waxes removed with fabric strips. Although a thick layer of wax might seem more promising, it will not be very effective. A thin layer of wax is key here. So next time you use a liquid wax with a fabric strip, make sure to apply a thin layer of wax and then see the difference.

In case it’s difficult to apply a thin layer, make sure you’re warming your wax. All liquid waxes require a little heating. Don’t heat it too much as it can become too thin. It’s, therefore, essential to master the perfect temperature before using it.

Waxing on Hair Too Short

Although having soft, smooth skin is too tempting to wait for, it’s advised to take a two-week gap between your hair removing sessions for best results. If your hair length is too short, waxing won’t work, leaving you with all the hair and the added disappointment. It’s best to let your hair grow a little to ensure they’re long enough to be removed.

Using the Wrong Type of Wax

Different body parts need different types of waxes. The ‘one for all’ rule won’t work here. It’s important to understand what wax types to use where. Your face, underarms, bikini, and Brazilian need hot wax. Whereas your arms, legs, body, and chest require warm wax. In other words, hot wax is for smaller areas, whereas warm wax is for larger ones.

Wax strips are also a good option for larger areas such as arms, legs, and body. They’re easy to handle and are very convenient for beginners. Sugar wax can also be used if the hair isn’t too short or coarse. This is the perfect option for those who prefer water washable wax.

Brown liquid wax in a bowl

Not Doing a Patch Test

It’s always a must to do a patch test before applying anything new to your skin. Always remember, natural does not mean no allergens. Even if you’re not allergic to anything, make it a habit to always perform a patch test. You never know what you might be allergic to.

Applying the Wax When It's Too Hot

Hot wax can burn your skin and leave a bad scar if warmed too much. It’s for this reason that it should be handled very carefully. Make sure the temperature is just right before you apply it to your skin.

Pulling Slowly

Zipping the strips might be a little painful, but it’s definitely better than pulling it off slowly. It’s more effective, less painful, and leaves less wax on your skin. So just like ripping off your band-aid, quickly zip off your strips.

Waxing After Cleaning Up

After cleaning, your skin becomes softer and is more prone to become irritated. Cleaning strips off your skin’s natural oils that otherwise acts as a barrier between your skin and the wax. This can make waxing more painful and uncomfortable.

In case you don’t have the best experience at home, make sure to visit a spa. Waxing is not easy and can be very uncomfortable for you if not done right. Therefore, just visit Ooh La LaEsthetics, Herndon and let us take care of you. We also provide facial and other services such as special event makeup in spa Herndon, spa Dulles, spa Reston and spa Chantilly, VA.

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