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4 Trends to Hit the Beauty Sphere in 2021

Stay with the times and look trendy with these beauty trends that are up and coming in 2021.

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Despite the tough time we’re in, everyone wants to feel good. And you feel good when you look good. People want to stay up to date with the new trends for their OOTD insta uploads or for being the most stylish one in their social circle, or maybe just for themselves.

Well, here are some of the common trends that hit the beauty sphere in 2021 and aren’t going anywhere. You too, now, can get that on fleek look.


A term we can thank Pinterest for. People have simplified their skincare routines and are focusing more on getting the right kind of facials done by professionals. With the low-maintenance skincare routines, you’re not just going to save up on that money, but you will be focusing on the minimalistic lifestyle as well. The minimalistic makeup look is the next step after getting that skincare done right.

No Makeup, Makeup Look

Tinted moisturizers, cc creams, and lightweight foundations are making their way this year amongst the top makeup products. Some people even, dare we say it, are skipping foundation altogether and focusing on letting their skin peek through. Light blush, a little bit of mascara, tinted eyebrows, and you’re good to go.

A person doing eye makeup on another person.

Maskne Products

Masking your face in makeup products and then wearing a mask on top? A free invite to acne! Let’s be real, we aren’t getting rid of masks anytime soon. But you can treat your skin to much-needed masks that can soothe any irritation caused by covering the lower half of your face in a mask. Stock up on those zinc oxide face sprays and face masks.

Go Funky

From eyeliner to jewelry, funky is the way to go. Bold, colorful eyeliners and eyeshadows have made their way through to the most searched items. People are getting creative and making their own funky jewelry and selling to get some bucks too. Glittery eyeshadows and mushrooms and frogs themed nails will give you the perfect funky look.

Stay looking your best if you’re always on the go, or quarantine yourself in style. Get your services done from us at Ooh La La Esthetics. We offer special event makeup, facial services, including acne facial VA, and facial light therapy in Herndon.

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