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4 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are mostly safe and effective for skin resurfacing. However, it can’t hurt to be safe, so ask these questions before you get one.

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Chemical peels have been around for quite a while now. They help smooth out uneven skin, remove fine lines, and maintain healthy skin. However, this skincare facial is tailored to your specific skin type and problems.

Make sure you ask the following questions in advance.

1.What Should be My Pre-Peel Prep?

Skin types react differently to the acid chemicals in a peeling solution. It is, therefore, necessary that you share the type of skin you have with the esthetician and ask them if you need to prep it in advance of the treatment session.

They might recommend a particular type of sunscreen to be used two days before the peel or advise against sun exposure and exfoliation.

2.Does My History Allow a Peeling Procedure?

Your medical history may not agree with the ingredients in a chemical peel. Indeed, any qualified esthetician would ask you whether you’ve had instances of keloids or raised scarring.

Furthermore, they might ask you about your past acne treatments for reference; about how your skin reacted to them. Be completely honest, especially if you’re getting a medium to deep peel.

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3.Is there a Recovery Period for Chemical Peels?

Since your skin is unusually raw after any skin resurfacing procedure, including chemical peels, you do need some downtime to recover. However, the duration may vary based on the intensity of your peel and how your skin behaves after the fact.

For instance, your face typically takes a week to require after a medium peel, but it might take longer if you experience swelling in the first two days or still have pink patches on your face. An experienced esthetician might make these estimates in advance, so be sure to ask them about it to avoid surprises.

4.What Should be My Aftercare?

Aftercare is necessary even for the most superficial chemical peels. It might involve a slight change to your skin regimen or special steps targeted at wound healing.

Ask your skincare expert what might be the course of action for your superficial, medium, or deep chemical peel because they’ll have precautions and instructions to avoid post-inflammatory discoloration.

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