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Qualified and Experienced Estheticians in Chantilly, VA

If there’s one community everyone would love and cherish in Fairfax County in Virginia, it’s Chantilly. From incredibly beautiful neighborhoods to numerous opportunities for recreation and celebration, Chantilly is one of the most successful regions in Virginia, located 25 miles from Washington, DC, just a few minutes drive from the Dulles International Airport. The area is well-known for its significant economic contribution to Virginia’s well-being. If you’re all about exploring a state like Virginia’s history, art, and heritage, Chantilly is the place you shouldn’t miss out on.


Chantilly residents appreciate everything this community has to offer. However, one aspect that sets the region apart is the wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options available for inhabitants and visitors. People enjoy day trips to the museums built in this area, and the nights are all about spending time with friends and family at various bistros and eateries across Route 50. Considering how entertaining and exciting a place like Chantilly can be, many residents continue to look for places with treatments that’ll allow them to say well-groomed at all times. These also include facial spas and esthetic treatments in Chantilly, VA.


Ooh La La Esthetics is a leading facial spa in Chantilly, VA, being the go-to place for Chantilly residents to seek a wide range of services, including skincare facials, acne facials, dermaplaning, event makeup, custom facials, back facials, brow, and facial waxing, and more. Our estheticians specialize in examining our clients’ skin conditions, skin type, history, and the impact it has experienced to formulate the perfect skincare facial plan for them to achieve glowing, healthy, and well-hydrated skin. Our consultation includes a comprehensive discussion about your skin goals and the steps you can take to make it look flawless at all times.


Apart from facials, we help you get rid of unwanted brow and facial hair with our waxing and brow tinting services. We have extensive waxing experience to make the process seamless and painless for all our clients. If you’re someone who constantly struggles to make their makeup look flawless or unblemished due to facial hair, our services can be incredibly beneficial for you.


Furthermore, we’re your number one choice for days when you need your makeup done for special occasions. We use high-quality, branded makeup products to suit your skin type, and provide you with the perfect look to match your vision, making you stand out wherever you go.


For more information about our skincare facial services, dermaplaning services, brow tinting services, special events makeup services, and acne facial services in Chantilly, VA, call us today at 703-850-9911.

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